Khao Chi Chan: a huge Buddha image on the mountain (photos and video)

Mount Khao Chi Chan has a huge Buddha image engraved on it.

This monument is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the reign of King Rama IX of Thailand.

Khao Chi Chan is located in the suburbs of Pattaya. Tourists are brought here by bus. You can also come here by car or motorbike.

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Your package cannot be delivered due to non-payment of customs duty – fraudulent letters in Thailand

Email Fraud in Thailand

We all often order something online and receive our packages. We are waiting for the delivery of the previous order, and we are already choosing and buying new products.

Orders usually arrive on time, but what if we've been notified of a sudden problem preventing (more…)

Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Where in Pattaya to inflate or change motorcycle tires

Motobike tires: where to pump air into the wheels, where to change tires

It is recommended to check the tire pressure from time to time. Tire leaks cause a motorcycle with half-flat tires to use more fuel and tire wear faster.

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Sights of Ko Sichang. Journey to Ko Sichang

Why sell and buy green mangoes. How to bring mango from Thailand

Mango is a very tasty tropical fruit. This fruit, when ripe, has tender yellow flesh with a sweet and sour taste.

Mangoes can be sold by the kilo, made into smoothies, or sold peeled and sliced.

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Pattaya New Year Celebration: Pattaya Countdown 2023

Festive events before the New Year are called countdown here.

A large concert program for three days (December 29, 30 and 31) will be held at Bali Hai Pier. In this regard, Walking Street, as well as the Bali Hai Pier area, will be closed to traffic from the evening until 2 am.

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