Doi Daeng Viewpoint: free rest area on the border of Sukhothai and Phrae

Doi Daeng Viewpoint is a small rest area on a mountain road. Almost literally “in the middle of Nowhere”. By the way, I almost ran out of gas there (again) – I was saved by a self-service pump, which I found in a small village with the help of Google Map and (to a greater extent) tips from the local population. Gas stations are not common in this area.

Doi Daeng Viewpoint is located almost on the border of the Thai provinces of Sukhothai and Phrae.

Doi Daeng Viewpoint coordinates: go to map.

While we were driving along mountain roads, we already had the opportunity to admire local views here and there. While driving, my wife raised the visor of her helmet, I thought, now she will say how beautiful it is here. But I heard a disappointed-surprised voice: “So they have only mountains here!”

Ummmm… Yes, they have only mountains here.

In Sukhothai Province, the predominantly flat landscape of central Thailand gradually begins to give way to the mountainous areas characteristic of northern Thailand.

The area is very well-groomed, flowers, flowering and ornamental shrubs grow there. There is also a gazebo with benches.

Overall, this is a great place for a short break from the road.

Small video of Doi Daeng Viewpoint (4K, 60 FPS):

And another video of this place, but in 8K and 24 FPS:

In general, it is hardly worth going here specifically, but if you are passing along this road, then, of course, do not miss this small rest area.

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