Where to go if you get sick in Pattaya. Pattaya hospitals

I got a little sick – this was the reason for writing this note.

Is medicine cheap in Thailand?

In Thailand, medicine can be divided into:

  • public
  • private

In public clinics, Thais are treated cheaply or free of charge. There are also paid services and options. For example, if you need to go to the hospital, you can use a free general room or a private room for a relatively small fee. The lower price has a downside: for example, in a public hospital, all individual rooms may be occupied, and you will have to lie in a general room even if you wanted to pay for a separate one.

Foreigners without health insurance must pay anyway. Moreover, when contacting a state clinic, the price for an appointment can be very low, but I came across the fact that at an appointment at a state clinic, I was recommended to go to a private clinic with my problem.

In general, miracles do not happen: in Thai medicine, you get about the same as you pay. At the same time, I am very satisfied with the quality of paid Thai medicine – my problems were solved every time I sought medical help. At the same time, the price was quite tangible for my pocket.

There are no queues in private clinics, you are very welcome, if necessary, they will immediately do all the necessary tests and immediately receive the results, immediately prescribe treatment and immediately begin it. But it's all worth it, too. Be prepared that just a doctor's consultation and examination will cost you 2000 baht. A doctor's consultation, tests, and treatment (for example, an injection of a medicine) will cost from 4,000 baht. And I'm talking about fairly simple cases. If you need to visit a doctor several times, then the appointment, testing, new treatment are paid for each time.

Whether you need to be admitted to a hospital, undergo surgery, or use an intensive care unit (ICU), the cost of treatment can exceed your expectations. Treatment becomes expensive not in the sense of expensive food in the store, but in the sense of expensive cars in a car dealership.

I'm talking about large clinics in Pattaya.

There are also small private clinics scattered around the city. First of all, these are dentists, but other specialists are also present: ear, throat, nose; treatment of eye diseases and others.

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Pattaya City Hospital

Large public clinic on Soi Buakhao. There are a wide variety of experts here.

Both Thais and quite a lot of foreigners are treated here.

It was in this hospital that the doctor during the appointment simply sent me to a private clinic.

Another time I had a cut finger sewn up, given the appropriate vaccine, and treated several times, but it was quite expensive.

In this hospital, the first wife was in the hospital with our child: in free (general) and paid (private) wards.

The second wife came here a couple of times for medical help. In general, the diagnosis was made and prescribed treatment and medicines – all for free (she has some kind of work insurance). But a second visit to the doctor is not prescribed. And if the treatment does not give results, then you need to make an appointment again or go to a private clinic.

If you are limited in money, then start with this clinic.

Phone number: 038103900

Website: http://pattayacityhospital.go.th/en

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Pattaya Memorial Hospital

Large private hospital. Located at the intersection of Central Pattaya Rd and Pattaya Second Rd.

This is where I'm on a drip.

Prices for fairly ordinary treatment are higher than in a public hospital. But I am also satisfied with the treatment: immediately after going to the hospital, they did 3 tests, found the cause of my problem, prescribed treatment and put me on a drip. I felt an improvement almost immediately.

In private clinics, they always make at least one more appointment with the doctor – to check that you really recovered. If you need to do repeated tests, all this also needs to be paid.

Phone number: 038488777

Website: http://www.pattayamemorial.com/

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Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

A huge private hospital next to Sukhumvit Road. Very expensive.

I went to this hospital for the treatment of my problem – I am satisfied with the result.

Also during pregnancy, my first wife was registered there, it cost about 55,000 baht for 9 months. Plus childbirth cost about 45,000 baht. I am very pleased with the quality of medical care before childbirth and the childbirth itself – beyond praise.

We also vaccinated a child (from 2000 each) and were treated in this hospital until I ran out of money. For example, one night of intensive care (ICU) for a child cost me about 30,000 baht.

In general, good, but also quite expensive.

I cannot say for sure which of the clinics is more expensive – Pattaya Memorial Hospital or Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. Subjectively, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is more expensive.

Also, subjectively, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is larger and there are more subspecialists.

Phone number: 038488777

Website: https://www.bangkokpattayahospital.com/en/

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Pattaya International Hospital

I have never been to this hospital. According to my wife, who has never been there either, the equipment is quite old and treatment is quite expensive.

Phone number: 038428374

Website: http://www.pattayainterhospital.com/

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Jomtien Hospital

I have never been here either.

Phone number: 033125999

Website: https://www.jomtienhospital.com/

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Where in Pattaya to treat teeth

There are many private dental clinics scattered around Pattaya. Contact any of them. Perhaps ask your friends for recommendations, they can tell you where they do it with high quality and not too expensive. Approximate price for the treatment of one tooth and the installation of a seal: 1000-2000 baht.

Prosthetics are much more expensive. Prosthetics of one tooth can cost you from 45,000 baht. Although there are cheaper compromise options.

Ambulance phone in Pattaya

  • Public ambulance (everywhere): 1669

Other emergency numbers in Thailand:

  • Police: 191
  • Public Ambulance (Bangkok): 1646
  • Fire Department: 199
  • Single number: 911. You can now call this common number, and you will be directed to automatic voice with a list of options in English.


Each case is individual, but in my experience and impressions, the usual treatment in Pattaya and Thailand is performed at a high level.

Don't expect too much from public (free) healthcare. More precisely, most likely you will be helped, but most likely it will not be free. They will help you in some cases. If there is no result, then you will have to go to a private clinic.

Treatment in a private clinic can be quite expensive.

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