What to choose – a long budget trip or a short, but more eventful one for the same money?

In the article “Is it worth traveling in our digital age?” I touched on the problem of bad travel reports.

When preparing to visit a particular place, I sometimes read reports or watched videos of other travelers – in order to more effectively spend such a limited resource as time.

And at some point I realized – most travel stories and videos are bad! Not in the sense that they are almost completely useless, but in the sense that they create an incorrect, skewed impression of the island or place.

You can say that someone likes one thing, someone likes another, and someone needs to earn sponsorship money – of course, their interests do not always intersect with mine.

But it's even worse. I already gave an example in a previous post, when I watched a video and read a report about a trip to Phuket and after that I didn’t even know that there were amazing beaches there. But the beaches are perhaps the main advantage of Phuket. In general, from those reports I got the impression that there is absolutely nothing to do in Phuket – and this is very far from the truth.

Another report from a travel blogger about life in the Thai province of Chiang Mai. The man lived there for several months – he must be an expert on this Thai province, right? From the report I learned that there is a zoo in Chiang Mai. And there is also the city of Chiang Mai. That's it… This travel report is not just useless – it is bad, misleading, making you think that there is nothing to do in Chiang Mai.

I lived in Chiang Mai for one week: I visited many (almost two dozen) interesting and unique places (for example, hot springs, huge caves and two of the highest mountain peaks in Thailand). And I added even more places to the map, but didn’t have time to visit!

And this experience made me think – why can someone live for months in the most interesting province of Thailand and the most they can talk about is the same type of food and a zoo in the city?

I came to the conclusion that it’s all about money (for entrance tickets) and the availability of vehicles. Moreover, if you don’t have your own transport and the desire to drive a rented one, then even more money is required.

Or, as an option, buy package excursions that include transfer from the hotel – this is more expensive than driving a rented bike, but cheaper than a taxi.

Not to say that this is some exorbitant money. Just the price of entrance tickets and the price of a taxi. But it turns out that for some it is really important.

Someone can afford to buy a plane ticket to a distant place, but after that they lead an essentially reclusive lifestyle, spending most of their time in a hotel or rented apartment.

Is it better to have a long but economical trip, or a short but bright one?

First of all, you need to differentiate – are you coming to another country to live (for example, for the winter) or to get travel experiences?

If the latter, then definitely choose a short but action-packed adventure. Instead of sitting at home in a foreign country for a month, it is better to fly there for 1-2 weeks and spend them almost without appearing at the hotel!

In general, this is the case when less is better.

If you come to live and save, then this is completely normal. Unless, then your travel reports can be confusing.

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