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The highest mountain in Thailand and other attractions of Doi Inthanon National Park

Wat Chaloem Phrakiat: Temple of the Floating Pagodas – the most frightening viewpoint

I've seen a lot of viewpoints and climbed a lot of mountains. I'm already accustomed to mountain peaks, where you can stand on a stone and look into an unfenced abyss. That is, now you are alive and healthy, but literally one wrong step forward, and now you are gone…

In the end, (more…)

Ramkhamhaeng National Park – the most beautiful views from the mountain and the most difficult hiking route in Thailand

Ramkhamhaeng National Park in Sukhothai

While we were climbing, from time to time we could hear our neighbors along the route thinking out loud: “Why am I here?!” I thought about the same thing: “why do I do this? Nobody pays me for this. No one even reads my blog – (more…)

Khao Mai Keao Reservation Park is a great place for hiking near Pattaya

A good alternative to Google Maps for hiking and cycling in wooded and mountainous areas

In recent months, I have become involved in hiking – walking along routes, trails in wooded and mountainous areas.

From an orientation point of view, hiking routes can be quite obvious – the only clearly visible trail that leads from the beginning of the route to its end. (more…)

Park and lake in Sattahip for walking and sports