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Hot springs in Thailand

Kiew Lom Dam: small but cute dam in Lampang

Let me remind you that in Thailand two types of objects are always free to visit: mangrove forests and dams. Therefore, I try not to miss either one or the other, even if they are not particularly large.

Kiew Lom Dam is located in the Thai province of Lampang.

Kiew Lom Dam coordinates: (more…)

Kio Hin: free 360° viewpoint of Lampang and Chiang Mai mountains from 1431 meters

The Kio Hin viewpoint attracted me because, although it is picturesque, it is located along the road and is free.

In addition, on the way to this place, along the way there are waterfalls, hot springs and restaurants on the mountainside with equally stunning views. There are also companies (more…)

Rai Homfa: private park with a sea of flowers and places to relax

This is an interesting phenomenon when in the center of Thai Nowhere something very beautiful and very large is built, open to everyone for a very small fee.

You know, it happens that you are driving along the road, and after a few hours you want to rest, drink coffee and stretch your legs. (more…)

Wat Chaloem Phrakiat: Temple of the Floating Pagodas – the most frightening viewpoint

I've seen a lot of viewpoints and climbed a lot of mountains. I'm already accustomed to mountain peaks, where you can stand on a stone and look into an unfenced abyss. That is, now you are alive and healthy, but literally one wrong step forward, and now you are gone…

In the end, (more…)