How to start a motorcycle if the battery is dead (video and step-by-step instructions using the Honda Click as an example)

Pattaya public transport and tuk-tuk route map

Pattaya Tuk Tuk Route Map has created a map called “Main bus / tuk-tuk / songthaew / baht bus routes in Pattaya and Jomtein”.

You can click on a route to highlight it and read the description.

Route colors:

Islands near Pattaya

Ko Lan island: a complete guide to getting there, beaches, what to see, transportation

Where to repair a motorbike and a motorcycle in Pattaya

Modern motorcycles, at least from manufacturers like Honda, are very reliable and in the first three years the need to go to a service center arises only for an oil change.

But no one is immune from breakdowns. In this note, you will know where to turn if you have a motorcycle malfunction.

As (more…)