How and where to pay taxes for a motorcycle 🏍 and a car 🚗 in Thailand

This guide will tell you how to pay taxes for a motorcycle 🏍 and a car 🚗, pass vehicle inspection and get insurance.

What are the mandatory payments for the owner of a motorcycle or a car in Thailand

In Thailand, every owner of a vehicle (motorcycle, car, minivan, etc.) must pay road tax every year.

In addition to the road tax, the law provides for mandatory insurance (insurance under the Motor Accident Protection Act 2535).

That is, there are two mandatory payments:

  • road tax
  • insurance

You also need to pass a technical inspection if:

  • motorcycle older than 5 years
  • car older than 7 years

What is the tax rate on a motorcycle in Thailand

Motorcycle tax in Thailand, for example, for the Honda Click 125i is 100 baht.

The amount of insurance is 360 baht.

Station service fee: 110 baht.

Thus, the fee (tax) of the owner of a motorcycle up to 5 years is 570 baht per year.

Can I pay motorcycle tax online?

Motorcycle tax can be paid online, the relevant links (all in Thai!):

But trust my experience – you can pay the tax faster if you come to any nearest service station. In addition, you won’t even be able to save much on paying tax online: in any case, you need to buy insurance, as well as undergo vehicle inspection if your vehicle is older than 5 (motorcycle) or 7 (car) years.

You will also have to pay for shipping services and enter your correct postal address, and then wait for the documents to be sent to you.

In short, it's more convenient to just drive to the nearest car and motorcycle service station.

Documents required to pay motor vehicle tax

The documents depend on whether you have chosen an online payment method or have arrived at a car service center.

Documents for paying road tax online at service centers

Anyone can pay road tax – not necessarily the owner of the vehicle.

It is enough to show the motorcycle owner's book in the service center, or a photocopy of a page from this book with information about the owner.

They didn’t ask me for any more documents, they didn’t even ask for a passport.

Moreover, in previous years, my girlfriend paid the tax, without my presence in Thailand.

Documents for paying road tax online

  • Vehicle owner's book or copy (image file)
  • Legal insurance certificate (Image File)
  • Original vehicle owner's identification card (Image File)
  • Vehicle inspection certificate from a Private Inspection Center (ตรอ) (For cars over 7 years old and motorcycles over 5 years old, an inspection is required) (image file)
  • In the case of using a vehicle powered by natural gas, there must be a certificate of inspection and testing of equipment (image file)

Where to pay the annual motorcycle and car tax in Pattaya

Road tax can be paid at service stations for cars and motorcycles with a sign ตรอ.

Map of road tax payment offices closest to Pattaya (ตรอ).

On this map are collected road tax offices in Chon Buri closest to Pattaya. This map shows the stations for technical inspection and repair of vehicles: cars and motorcycles.

In addition to paying the transport tax at these stations, you can check and repair your car and motorcycle.

Official list of places to pay vehicle tax in Chon Buri (updated March 21, 2018): https://www.dlt.go.th/site/chonburi/m-news/6516/view.php?_did=11726. When filling out the map, I used the indicated official list, as well as both online search and added vehicle service stations with ตรอ that I accidentally saw passing by.

If you are not in Pattaya, then to find places where you can pay road tax, open Google.Maps and try searching for the following phrases:

  • ตรอ
  • Road Tax and Insurance
  • Car inspection station
  • Vehicle inspection station
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Motorway Car Check Service Center
  • Car repair and maintenance
  • สถานตรวจสภาพรถพัทยาเจริญดี เซอร์วิส

How to pay annual motorcycle and car tax in Thailand. How to pay vehicle tax in Thailand

I will show the procedure for paying transport tax in Thailand using the example of a motorcycle owner. Along with the tax, the Annual motorcycle owner's insurance is also paid.

I arrived at the nearest service station ตรอ. Despite the public day off, the vehicle inspection station worked.

I explained that I wanted to pay the road tax. I was asked for a motorcycle owner's book. I showed a photocopy of the main page of this book. The service station employee checked the motorcycle license plate on it and sent me to the office.

At the office, I was again asked for the owner's book of the motorcycle or a photocopy, as well as a fee of 570 baht.

A few minutes later they gave me a receipt and told me to come in a day.

I arrived a day later, showed the receipt to the office. I was given:

  • paper with a hologram confirming the payment of road tax. This paper is usually carried in a transparent flask, fixed next to the license plate of the motorcycle.
  • letter confirming insurance payment
  • double-sided sticky paper for fastening paper with a hologram on a motorcycle (if you do not want to put it in a flask next to the license plate)

That is, I received my documents a day after applying. But I paid the tax on the evening of a public holiday, perhaps if I had come at a different time, the documents would have been ready the next day.

If you are interested, I was at Pattaya Charoendee Service Car Inspection Station (สถานตรวจสภาพรถพัทยาเจริญดี เซอร์วิส), located on Sukhumvit Road.

Location on the map:

Vehicle inspection for motorcycle and car

You do not need to be serviced if your motorcycle is under 5 years old and your car is under 7 years old. Otherwise, you can have vehicle inspection in the same car service where you went to pay the road tax.

In addition to mandatory maintenance, you can contact these same service centers to repair your car or motorcycle – this is their original function.

How to change the road tax document on a motorcycle

If you keep the road tax payment document in a transparent container next to the motorcycle number, then in order to replace the document you need to remove the frame holding the motorcycle license plate.

On the inside of the frame you will find two screws, by unscrewing which you can replace the document in the flask.

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