Best mobile data plans in Thailand

Unlimited mobile Internet in Thailand

The Internet, both mobile and wired, is developing very rapidly in Thailand. Internet connection speeds are growing, prices are falling.

However, speaking of the mobile Internet, despite the constant increase in speeds and cost reduction, it still continues to be limited. This is not a problem if you use wired Internet at home and mobile Internet on your phone at the same time. But if you intensively use the mobile Internet as the only source of connection to online resources, including for work and entertainment, then the limits provided by packages and tariff plans may not be enough.

This article is about how to find the best deals and save as much as possible on the mobile Internet.

There are several mobile operators in Thailand, for example, dtac, AIS, TrueMove.

Favorable Internet packages in dtac

The mobile operator dtac was a pioneer in the emergence of unlimited mobile Internet packages. Currently, dtac also offers the best deals on mobile Internet in Thailand.

First of all, install the dtac mobile app.

Already on the main page of the application you will see hot offers.

They can vary in speed, duration of the package and the number of gigabytes. Packages are usually sold for a limited time only. After that, they are replaced by other packages.

A complete list of packages can be found on the “Packages” page.

On the home screen in the “Special packages for you” section, profitable hot offers will again be shown.

To view all web-oriented packages, go to the “Net” tab.

Package groups:

  • Net Unlimited – packages without restrictions on transmitted traffic, but with a speed limit
  • Internet Max Speed – packages without speed limits, but with a limit on the number of fast gigabytes. After fast gigabytes are exhausted, the speed will be reduced to the value provided by the tariff
  • Net Immortal – a new group of long-term packages with no limit on the amount of transmitted data, but with a speed limit

Pay attention to the packages marked as “Only@dtac app”, that is, available only in the application. These packages can be sold for a limited time and can be many times more profitable than permanent packages.

If you are in Thailand for a short time, then look for hot deals and special promotions.

If you plan to live in Thailand for a long time, then pay attention to the “Net Immortal” package group.

For example, for 3000 baht you can buy a package valid for 1 year with a data transfer rate of 10 Mbps.

That is, for 250 baht per month you get unlimited traffic at a speed of 10 Mbps – you will not find anything more profitable either from dtac or from other operators.

For 2000 baht you can buy a package for 1 year with a speed of 4 Mbps – this is enough for most users, including for watching videos.

Please note that dtac runs bonus promotions on a regular basis. Sometimes you can get free fast gigabytes of Internet just by topping up your phone account with 200 or more baht.

Favorable internet packages in AIS

At AIS, the best rates are available when paying with Rabbit LINE Pay.


See also: What is Rabbit LINE Pay and how to use it

In general, other AIS tariff plans lose to dtac in terms of speed to cost.

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