5G networks in Pattaya, Bangkok and other cities in Thailand: my impressions

I noticed that Pattaya now also has 5G mobile networks.

In Bangkok, 5G came even earlier, but I had Wi-Fi in that city at such unrealistic download and upload speeds with AC at 5 GHz that I did not attach much importance to 5G mobile networks.

In Pattaya, I decided to test 5G networks a bit, since my phone already supports this mode, and both existing Thai SIM cards (dtac and AIS) also work with 5G without the need for replacement.

That is, I already had everything I needed and did not need to buy or undertake anything additional.

I switched the phone to support 5G mode and started speed testing with Speedtest.

I started with a dtac sim card. But the fact is that I have paid for an annual package of mobile Internet with an unlimited number of gigabytes, but a speed limit of 10 Mbps.

In general, I did not notice any difference, it did not download faster than 10 Mbps, which is generally expected.

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I want to emphasize that this in no way means that dtac has bad 5G mobile networks – it's just that I can't unleash their potential with my data plan.

After that, I started testing with an AIS SIM card, on which I have no speed limits.

And these tests stunned me with the results!

Download speed 460 Mbps! If you are more accustomed to megabytes, then this is about 50-60 MB/s.

Data upload speed is about 30 Mbps!

Once again, mobile Internet at almost half a Gbps!

If you are far from technical specifications, then I will simply say that this is a very fast Internet. Faster than many wired users and even faster than many Wi-Fi connections.

My opinion on 5G

5G technology amazed me with its speed!

But you need to understand that 5G networks are not deployed in all cities, and not even in all areas of Bangkok and Pattaya.

The cost of a mobile Internet connection is quite high if we talk about packages without speed limits. If you choose packages with a speed limit, then you will not be able to experience the benefits of 5G networks.

All in all, 5G gave me a sense of the future with very fast wireless internet.

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